Tumblr user gokyacetakal asked:

Really want to see the Sundown squad dress the babies in their cute little wind chill coats. Animals in outfits are sooooo adorable and I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of them and their Jedi went out of their way to buy them cute things and post the pictures on the net.

Sundown Squad Replied:

The squad absolutely do love buying fun things for the Ottas (yes, even if the babies will outgrow them in under a week; still worth every credit)! And you’d be hard pressed to find a holopad on the ship that isn’t overflowing with pictures of the Ottas. They queue the pictures to send to the friends they’ve made in other units once they’re back on the grid.

“Bought new travel rugs and some chewie toys for the little ones!”
Unknown Location, Unknown Time

“Kess just walked in and opened a bag of snacks…”
Unknown Location, Unknown Time

“Force help him lol”
Unknown Location, Unknown Time

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