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Okay, but does Sundown have cute parkas? Tell me they have cute parkas. What kind of non-armor cold-weather gear do they have? And how to the Ottas deal with cold temps?

Sundown Squad Replied:

Full disclosure, I read “parka” but my brain accidentally auto-filled it to “poncho” and I was way too far along before I realized my mistake so… you get ponchos instead, sorry. :“D

Sundown spends a good deal of time traveling undercover in contested space or Separatist controlled space. In order to keep from sticking out like a sore thumb among the locals, they adapt and do research ahead of time on culture and customs. A planet might be in the middle of the “ass-end of nowhere” system, but that doesn’t mean the people there don’t have rich customs. And sometimes those customs include wearing colorful ponchos (or paying ridiculous markup on basic items because the planet is secretly controlled by a racketeering separatist… but that’s a story for later).

All that to say, Sundown tailors all of their non-armor outfits to whatever planet they’re headed to. For cold climates, they have a stockpile of warm shirts and pants, gloves, weather-proof boots, and scarves. They’ll then throw on whatever kind of coat/poncho/parka will help them blend in best (they really like the ponchos, though).

As for the Ottas, they withstand cold/wet weather very well (it’s hot and dry climates that they have no adaptions for). But in places where the weather gets especially cold, they’ll get outfitted with a special blanket that reduces wind chill and keeps excess moisture off.

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