Tumblr user gokyacetakal asked:

I love and request more “Case of Big Dumb Baby Disease” please. Also, are your Otterburas as scary as river otters, if they wanted to be? A pack of those things can kill a gator by drowning it. I was wondering, because I could just picture Sundown Squad watching them swim and then take out some animal that they deemed dangerous to their unit. I just picture Sundown with jaw drop shock and thought it was funny, when I remembered this fact.

Sundown Squad Replied:

You can rest assured, there will be plenty of Big Dumb Baby Disease (affectionate) moments in the future. ;D

As for how the Ottas would handle a dangerous creature/thing, you’re absolutely right. Ottaburas can use teamwork with their pod mates to overwhelm opponents much larger than themselves.

Though an Otta’s size and strength can make them formidable, their instinct is actually to avoid aggressive confrontation and instead get the creature/thing as far away as possible, as quickly as possible. If intimidation doesn’t dissuade the aggressor, they do the next best thing.

They launch it into the stratosphere.


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