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New game! Say what you are wearing RIGHT NOW and tag the last 10 people in your notifications.

Sundown Squad Replied:

Knox is pretty particular about what he wears. Kess just throws on whatever.

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Knox, Speedy and Kess are in the mess hall of their ship. Knox is standing up looking at the viewer, while Speedy and Kess are sitting down at a table behind him.


Knox (pointing to his shirt): Oh! I’m wearing a shirt I bought when we were on Kuat!

Knox (holding the bottom of his shirt so it’s easier to see): It has a picture of two beers on it and it says “Can’t spell Republic without pub”.

Knox (turning to look at Kess): Kess, what are you wearing?

Kess: What am I wearing?

Knox: Yeah.

Kess: Uhh… shirt, pants, and shoes..?

Speedy: Wow, Kess, that’s fascinating. Are you wearing socks too? The galaxy wants to know.

Knox: You heard it here first, folks. Kess is wearing clothes.

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What are you wearing?

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