Sundown Episode Outline

This outline shows the numbers, working titles, and a one-line teaser for all of the episodes currently planned for the Sundown Squad story.

Season One

Ep. 101

Shadow Troopers
Sundown Squad are recruited for a classified mission.

Ep. 102

Field Testing
The squad is sent on their first assignment.

Ep. 103

The squad enters Separatist space.

Ep. 104

Knox gets distracted and makes a unique discovery.

Ep. 105

Sundown are deployed to the front line.

Ep. 106

Break or Bend
A casual conversation turns up surprising revelations.

Ep. 107

Strange problems require strange solutions.

Ep. 108

The Bridge
Sundown’s trust in each other is put to the test when a mission goes south.

Ep. 109

The Storm Within
The squad assists with an incursion on a stormy planet.

Ep. 110

A new enemy forces Sundown to improvise.

Ep. 111

Saddle Up
The ottaburas begin their training.

Ep. 112

The squad help fend off an invasion.

Ep. 113

All Terrain Vehicles
Sundown deploys their secret weapons.

Ep. 114

Sundown track an elusive enemy to the middle of nowhere.

Ep. 115

Lingering Shadows
An unexpected encounter opens old wounds.

Ep. 116

Sundown are sent to rescue a hostage.

Ep. 117

Sheer Force
An old lead suddenly gains traction.

Season Two

Ep. 201

The squad tracks down missing troopers.

Ep. 202

To the Last Man Kneeling
The squad is called in for a mission that requires the ottas.

Ep. 203

The squad joins a group of mercenaries to gather intel.

Ep. 204

The Enemy
An infiltration mission sends Sundown to the heart of Separatist territory.

Ep. 205

Enhanced droids give Sundown a run for their money.

Ep. 206

Sand Blizzard
Commander Mantra requests Sundown’s help.

Ep. 207

The Trail
Nitsani, Kess and Noodle get stranded behind enemy lines.

Ep. 208

… What?
A seemingly simple mission tests everyone’s patience.

Ep. 209

Sundown follow a lead and infiltrate a Separatist facility.

Ep. 210

The squad tracks a strange signal.

Ep. 211

The Cavalry
Stormhunter Battalion has some new tricks up their sleeves.

Ep. 212

Sundown attempts a risky strategy.

Ep. 213

The squad enters a trap.

Ep. 214

High Society
Sundown are invited to a fancy party.

Ep. 215

Force of Nature
A mysterious presence causes disturbances in the Force.

Ep. 216

Force of Will
Sundown seek out the source of the Force disturbance.

Season Three

Ep. 301

Space Weather
A friend helps the squad slow down Separatist cruisers.

Ep. 302

An assassination attept leaves the squad scrambling for answers.

Ep. 303

The squad must figure out how they’re being tracked.

Ep. 304

Engine trouble forces Sundown to make an emergency detour.

Ep. 305

R & R
The squad takes some well-deserved time off.

Ep. 306

Do or Do Not
Shocking discoveries lead to difficult decisions.

Ep. 307

By Force
The squad trusts their intuition.

Ep. 308

Sundown must adjust to a new normal.

Ep. 309

Call it a Feeling
The squad lead a mission.

Ep. 310

Nitsani joins a tournament.

Ep. 311

Sundown are given a difficult assignment.

Ep. 312

The squad get resourceful when a blackout disables their tech.

Ep. 313

The squad contend with dangerous terrain.

Ep. 314

Full Force
Sundown discover that nothing is as it seems.

Ep. 315

Driving Force
The squad search for answers.

Ep. 316

The Living Force
Sundown’s future is uncertain.