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Commander Mantra Redesign

Updated reference for Mantra because he got a design overhaul! I’ve wanted to update his look for a while now, and I think I’ve finally landed on something that’s gonna work.

The goal with this design update was to make his armor more distinctive while still being well suited to the kind of work he does. I was inspired by Boba’s awesome new outfit in The Mandalorian, and I realized that a similar tunic design to what he wears would work perfectly for Mantra and his battalion.

Stormhunter Battalion specializes in operations on planets with extreme or adverse weather and terrain. They spend a good deal of time traveling on foot and are exposed to difficult elements on a regular basis. Because of that, I wanted to give them unique armor that helps them weather the elements without needing multiple sets of armor for each different environment. The tunic provides extra protection and warmth, while the boot covers make it easier to travel through water, mud, and other terrain that could easily get between the armor plates. The armor plates and blacks have also been optimized for better thermal regulation.

At first I worked with Mantra’s original red and purple color scheme, but I feel the red and gold works better for him. Might still tweak some details here and there, but for now I’m really liking this new direction!

Everyone in Stormhunter battalion wears the tunic and boot covers, so I’ll design their looks soon. Sundown Squad also get to wear the tunic and boot covers when they work with Stormhunter, so they’ll all get an additional outfit, too. ; )

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