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Golana Eeridos Reference Sheet

Introducing Master Golana Eeridos! She was Nitsani’s former master, and acts as a liaison that coordinates Sundown Squad’s missions.

Some facts about her:

  • She has strong Psychometry abilities that are enhanced by the sensory organs on her palms (a unique trait of the Arthurian species)
  • She has muscular weakness that makes sustained weight bearing difficult. She uses her custom saber cane for support, and also learned how to use the force passively to provide additional support for herself.
  • Due to muscle weakness keeping her from engaging in common lightsaber fighting techniques, she adopted a unique style where she uses the force to float and control the saber instead of holding it, reducing fatigue. She later taught this technique to Nitsani.
  • She is a highly skilled artisan that uses the force to create many different kinds of textiles. Not only does she use the force to weave/sew/knit the fabrics, she is also able to imbue the objects she creates with emotions and feelings.
  • She has spent many years working alongside Republic Intelligence and the Coruscant Police lending her Psychometric abilities to help solve cases. She’s especially adept at tracking down missing persons, and has successfully reunited hundreds of people with their missing family members.
  • Golana

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