Mind Bridge

A Mind Bridge is a Force technique that allows a Jedi to connect their mind to other individuals to enhance perception, accuracy, speed, knowledge, and cohesion.


A Mind Bridge is, in essence, a middle ground between Battle Meditation and a Force Meld.



  • Perception: During a Mind Bridge, participants get direct feedback from each other on what they’re thinking, feeling, and seeing. In the case of a bridge between a Jedi and a non-Force sensitive, the non-Force sensitive gains pseudo-Force sensitivity, allowing them to sense what the Jedi is sensing.
  • Accuracy: Due to participants gaining the sensory abilities of the Bridging Jedi, targets can be quickly picked out and eliminated with increased reliability.
  • Speed: Speed is enhanced through physical and mental means. Physically, a Jedi can increase the speed of a participant’s reflexes and greatly improve their reaction time. Mentally, the speed of all participants is enhanced due to their ability to tap into each other’s thoughts. This causes a steep reduction in the time it takes to plan and make decisions.
  • Knowledge: With their minds closely connected, participants can quickly exchange information and expertise and more easily guide the other when working through situations where they have limited knowledge or skill.
  • Cohesion: A Mind Bridge allows participants to mirror each other’s thoughts and movements, giving them the ability to think and move in perfect sync.


  • Effort and Concentration: A Mind Bridge requires great concentration and effort on the part of the Jedi, and cannot be used with large groups like Battle Meditation can. A master of the Bridge technique can at most Bridge with five individuals without chancing connection loss, confusion, or sensory overload.
  • Consent: In order to properly Bridge, all participants must be consenting to the connection. If the person being connected to has any objections or reservations, the Bridge will either fail or, in severe cases, cause neurological damage. Because of this, Mind Bridges should never be attempted with strangers or unwilling participants.
  • Range: Participants need to be within approximately 500 feet of each other for a strong connection. Close proximity means less effort on the Jedi’s part to maintain the connection, but also means that sensory feedback among all participants is coming from the same area. Though Bridging can be carried out over decent distances, sensory information coming from different locations can cause confusion and inaccurate reactions to one’s surroundings.
  • Training and Connection: Without training between the Jedi and their participants, a Mind Bridge is ineffective. In order to achieve the full potential of a Mind Bridge, participants must train together frequently to learn each other’s styles and habits. Outside of physical practice, participants must also be willing to understand each other on a fundamental level, as division and strong differences of opinion will render a Bridge useless.


  • Sudden Connection Loss: The sudden or unintentional breaking of a Mind Bridge connection has the potential to be very dangerous. In a combat scenario, the loss of the enhanced perception for a non-force sensitive can cause disorientation and leave them vulnerable to enemies they can no longer sense.
  • Injury: Sudden breaking of a Bridge due to injury of either participant can cause phantom pain at the site of the injury in the uninjured participant, and the pain can take time to dissipate. In severe cases, a sudden break due to injury can cause neurological damage to either or both participants.
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Mind Bridge Studies

Some rough studies of the squad to illustrate a Force technique they utilize called a Mind Bridge!

The technique allows Nitsani to connect her mind with other members of the squad to collectively enhance perception, accuracy, speed, and cohesion.

Though the rest of the squad are non-Force sensitives, the connection gives them pseudo-Force sensitivity, allowing them to sense what Nitsani is sensing. The technique requires a great deal of trust and a deep understanding of each other in order to work effectively.

You can read more about the Mind Bridge below the images!

  • Nitsani
  • Kess
  • Speedy
  • Knox

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