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Ottabura Original Reference Sheets

Introducing the Ottaburas! Because Sundown squad are always out on stealth ops, I wanted to play with the idea of them using some animals to get around so they’re not having to work with noisy vehicles. None of the canon Star Wars creatures quite fit the bill of what I was looking for, so I made my own!

These are Ottaburas, code named the ATVs (all terrain vehicles) by Sundown. They’re semi-aquatic omnivores that Sundown uses to get through rough terrain or on missions where going undetected is absolutely necessary.

They’re highly intelligent and maneuverable with the added bonus of being blaster proof (the oils in their coats that make them waterproof also reflect the majority of blaster fire). They also grow very quickly, reaching full size in just under four months.

  • Ottaburas
  • Knox
  • Drums
  • Kess
  • Speedy

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