Top left:
Speedy: Um… what in the fresh hell was that?

Top right:
Speedy: Zio, you should know that Kess is this close to punting Mantra to the moon.
Zio: Wait, are your fingers touching?
Speedy: Yep.

Knox: The droids are RIGHT THERE! This would go so much faster if he would just let me stab them!

Bottom left:
Kess: Can I go wring his neck? I’m going to go wring his neck.
Speedy: Sure, go ahead.
Kess: You’re supposed to stop me from making rash decisions, not encourage them.
Speedy: Well coming to me was your first mistake, then.

Bottom right:
Drums: So the plan is to essentially annoy him into submission?
Zio: That’s the idea.

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Sketches – The Squad Meets Mantra

More sketches this week! When Sundown first met Commander Mantra, he was abrasive, uncooperative, and made it very clear that he was not happy to have had a Jedi assigned to his battalion. Sundown then took the time to try and figure out the reasoning behind Mantra’s unusual behavior so that they could complete the mission they came to do. Kess, finding himself uncharacteristically angry at Mantra’s actions, spends the entire trip being seconds away from slam-dunking Mantra directly into a dumpster.

  • Nitsani
  • Kess
  • Speedy
  • Knox
  • Drums
  • Mantra

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