“We managed 25 pieces thanks to some friends! Speedy won’t take them off now, though…”
Unknown Location, Unknown Time

After borrowing some pieces from their Stormhunter buddies they were able to combine the following:

  • Tactical Visor (x1)
  • Sun Visor (x1)
  • Rangefinder Scope (x1)
  • Antenna (helmet) (x1)
  • Oxygen Tubes (x1)
  • Backpack (x1)
  • Antenna (right shoulder bell) (x1)
  • Paldron (x1)
  • Paldron Spare Ammo Pouch (x1)
  • Bandolier (x1)
  • Spare Ammo Band (left shoulder bell) (x1)
  • Arm Band Pouches (x2)
  • Belt Loop (x1)
  • Belt Loop Spare Pouches (x8)
  • DC-17 Holsters (x2)
  • Kama (x1)
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Armor Challenge

By popular demand, I present to you Sundown’s entry for the “How many armor attachments/accessories can you get on one trooper without any of them falling off” Challenge.

Took them a solid hour just to get all those pieces to stay on the helmet alone, but they’d say it was worth it.

Background used: [Link]

  • Speedy
  • Kess

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