Tumblr user anonymous asked:

sundown, who is the assigned Squad Baby? regardless of actual age/decanting time.

Sundown Squad Replied:

Thea is the undisputed baby of the squad. Sundown calls all the Ottas “the babies”, but Thea is especially baby. As for the rest of the squad, you would never get a real consensus out of them. They would just give every reason why someone else is deserving of the title.

At the end of the day, it probably would come down to who’s the youngest. They were all born around three minutes apart, so Kess is the youngest by 9 minutes. The rest used to joke about how proud they were that their “littlest brother” made squad sergeant. Kess will always say that “the age gap is inconsequential, we’re practically the same age”. Drums on the other hand can rattle off how much older he is than the rest down to the millisecond.

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