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To the Last Man Kneeling

Mission Brief – Battle of Ardeka 3
Stormhunter Battalion

Deployed: 577
Casualties: 146
Fatalities: 143

Fatalities included Jedi General Mulbett, Commander Gyre, 4 Lieutenants, 16 Sergeants, 122 troopers

Captain Mantra and two troopers recovered by rescue party.

Captain Mantra promoted to Commander of Stormhunter Battalion for exemplary performance — noted for holding the line against overwhelming Separatist forces.

Additional Notes:
Request from Captain Mantra to defer the promotion to another trooper. Request was denied, and the promotion proceeded.

A first glimpse at the backstory for Commander Mantra! Mantra had an incredibly difficult first few months of the war, and was promoted after losing nearly everyone in his Company. Safe to say he became very bitter about a lot of things. More specifics to come as I get further into the story!

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